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Building A Multi-Generational Ministry

Years of Ministry

Rev Ken Teo is the founding Director of Re-Gen Ministries Incorporated, a ministry based in Melbourne. He is an ordained minister with the Full Gospel Churches of Australia. His Itinerant Ministries with Re-Gen Ministries Inc. covers various part of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, East & West Malaysia, Sabah, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, China and in the Asia Pacific Region. Ken Teo also planted a Church in Melbourne Australia, in the city of Casey, in 2006 and he is still currently the Senior Pastor.

Ken Teo was born in Singapore in 1960 of Chinese parents. He accepted the Lord as his personal saviour at the age of 10. And was called into the ministry at the age of 13 after an awesome encounter with God. Ken is an Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Technician by training. He answered the call of God at the age of 26. Ken spent two years at WEC Missionary Training College in Tasmania, Australia. He then furthered his theological studies with his wife, Carol Teo at Harvest Bible College, Melbourne Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Theology in 1990. Ken also graduated with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies from the Theological Centre of Asia, Singapore in 2003.

Ken and Carol spent four years serving as Missionaries in Medan, Indonesia. Ken has lectured in Bible Schools both in Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Besides lecturing in Bible schools, Ken and Carol are also church planters. They have pioneered three churches in three different countries. Ken also helped pioneered and launched the Bible School in Bekasi (one hour from Jakarta) Indonesia.

Ken Teo is known for his inspirational and motivational style of expositional teaching and preaching. He moves in the gifts of the Spirit and ministers to pastors, leaders and professional individuals by speaking into their lives. An evangelist and pioneer at heart, he loves to impart vision, passion and zeal to the people he ministers to. As a practical and down to earth person, he believes in making the word of God so simple yet with the power to bring transformation.

Ken, Carol and their Seventeen-year-old daughter Claire now live in Melbourne.