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UK Gambling Ad Labeled as Seductive Is Prohibited by ASA

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UK Gambling Ad Labeled as Seductive Is Prohibited by ASA

A TV that is somewhat saucy from UK bookmaker Coral ran afoul of the country’s ad standards council. (Image: Coral)

A TV spot for UK-facing bookmakers Coral is banned by the united states’s Advertising Standards Authority because it’s deemed to link gambling with ‘seduction,’ therefore contravenes gambling advertising regulation in that country.

The TV spot featured two men in a barber shop who are reading The Racing Post and discussing whether or not to spot a bet, when an attractive young girl enters dressed as a jockey. Pausing simply to close one man’s jaw she holds up a sign bearing ‘today’s great offer’ the name of a horse and its odds while one of the men places a bet on the Coral mobile app with her riding crop.

Gibraltar-based Coral has protested its innocence, however, claiming that, while the did that is commercial contain an attractive model, it ‘did not consider that it linked gambling with seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness’ as well as the character did perhaps not ‘flirt with or seduce the males and there was no recommendation that the men would be more attractive or sexually successful after betting.’

Seduction Fills the Air

Nice try, Coral. We at don’t pretend become experts in things of seduction, but we would like to imagine that if an appealing woman dressed as a jockey teasingly closed our gaping jaws with her riding crop it might at least be considered a little bit ‘fli Read More